Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Home of Spirituality

Welcome to the zone of spirituality. This site proposes to express the importance of various Vedantic views. Vedanta is the resource of philosophy and deep thought and there is no surprise, a volley of views are exchanged on almost all concepts of Vedanta. In general, the Vedanta explains the Brahmam or the eternal being about whom the science of spirituality pivots. There have been several discussions on many Vedantic topics. Principally , Vedanta has been commented in terms of respective philosophies by Adi Sankara , Ramanuja and Madhva - three philosophers with divergent thought . The essence of the teaching of these three great acharyas are famously reckoned as Advaita , Vishishtadvaita and Dvaita respectively.
Notwithstanding the difference in Vedantic views, people differ in the basics of the philosophies themselves. For instance there are several interpretations of Advaita. Advaita of the north and that of the south are quite repulsive in certain features , though they agree on many core concepts. Similar differences in scanter extent exist in other philosophies too. But ultimately discussion of such work rests with the actual works of the philosophers themselves, a subject taken up by this blog to ascertain who said what about the Vedanta - a quest for real understanding.

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